That's Dancin CompetitionS


All age groups with .5 Go to next age group. We add the ages in the group together and come up with the average age. (For instance if the average age is 5.5 They would be put in the 6 thru 8 age group. 

Winner of top age group will be determined by highest points of the day

They will receive an overall age group trophy

Junior age groups

3 Thru 5, 6 thru 8, and 9 thru 11

Senior age groups

12 Thru 14, 15 thru 17, and 18 & over


Novice - any dancer that is a recreational dancer (novice dancer will be judged by beg points)

Beg - first or second year of competing                      

Int - third or fourth year of competing 

Adv - four years and more of competing

Studio owners if your dancers ability techinque and choreography is that of a lower or higher level than that of the years competing.Please use your own discretion to put them in the correct level. As we have all had dancers who are very gifted and maybe have only been dancing for a short time but should be in a higher level. If for any reason your dance is in the wrong level with the judges decision that dance will be bumped up with no points taken off for being in the wrong level. 


(P)-Production number is a group number consisting of props, & a variety of dance stlyes.

(HH)-Hip Hop consists of 80% hip hop.

(J)-Jazz consists of 90% lyrical, comtemporary, or interpretive.

(BP)-Ballet Pointe routines consisting of all pointe work.

(B)-Ballet off pointe consists of classical movement and steps with soft ballet slipper.

(T)-Tap consisting of 80% tap techique

(AD)-Acrobatic Dance consisting of 80% acrobatics or gymnastics in a dance format.

(C)-Character consisting lip syncing, mime, novilty or ethnic.

(V)-Vocal consisting of pure vocals done to back up cd with no lead vocal.

(VD)-Vocal Dance consisting of song and dance.

(O)-Open consisting of a variety of dance styles that doesn’t fit in just one category.

(LJ)-Lyrical Jazz consisting of 80% lyrical choreography.

(TD)-Theatre Dance consists of broadway shows and musical theatre.

(CON)-Contemporary consists of 80% contemporary.

(POM)-Pom- consists of 80% pom-pom or cheer.

(M)-Modern consists of 80% modern.

(CD)-Cultural Dance consists of dances from different cultures.

  • High Points Overall Solo: BEG - INT - ADV Jr. & Sr. Categories
  • High Points Overall Duet: BEG - INT - ADV Jr. & Sr. Categories
  • High Points Overall Tro: BEG - INT - ADV Jr. & Sr. Categories
  • High Points Overall Group: BEG - INT - ADV Jr. & Sr. Categories
  • Overall Age Group Trophies given out: Top Score of the Day
  • 3 Thru 5 - 6 Thru 8 - 9 Thru 11 - 12 Thru 17 - 18 & Over
  • Most Entertaining Production & Top Studio


Total Points Must be at least

High 1st1stHigh 2nd2nd


(Perfect Score 210)

201-210200-191180-190179 & below


(Perfect Score 240)

231-240221-230210-220209 & below


(Perfect Score 300)

290-300279-289268-278267 & below

Solos, Duets, Trios & Group Overalls Awards:

Junior and Senior Category


Highest Points of the Day:

1st Place, 2nd Place Runner Up & 3rd Place Runner Up


$35.00 for title entry

Miss That’s Dancin Jr. and Sr.- Will receive $100.00 Scholarship, crown & a trophy

Mr. That’s Dancin Jr. and Sr.- Will receive $100.00 Scholarship, medal & a trophy

Only solos can enter must enter with studio entries 


$35.00 for entry

Will receive a trophy and will be in our program and website for the year.

Must bring 8 by 10 headshot the day of show. Please print studio name, dancers name, and age on back of photo (pick up your photo day of competition)

Studios bring cash the day of show or you can pay with your studio payment.


Most entertaining production using props and creative choreography judges decision not scored by points


Winner of top studio award will be determined by combining first place points divided by number of first places of the day adding beg-int-adv must have at least 20 numbers to qualify in the event of a tie score the final decision will be determined by the panel of judges.


Q: Why won't we state the Studio next to each performance?

A: Because this way there can never be any bias towards a particular Studio and ensures each performer that they will be judged with an unprejudiced score.

Q: Why do we have talent management on our judges panel?

A: Plain and simple, we want outstanding performers to be represented and have the opportunity to get into the professional world of television, commercials, video and film.

Q: Why do performers compete against a points system?

A: If a performer is the only one in that age group, category or up against its own Studio, it will compete against the point system. Why? Because performers will still have the opportunity to compete and be judged on their individual performance.


  • All numbers must be three (3) minutes or under
  • Production numbers five (5) minutes or under
  • Straight vocal numbers must be three (3) minutes or under
  • All number are based on the points system for 1st and 2nd place
  • If a number has four (or under) acrobatic moves, it is still considered in a dance category
  • Small props, such as chairs, stools, fans, etc. are allowed. Anything the dancer can carry on or off the stage is permitted
  • Large props are for production numbers only
  • All CDs must be turned in one (1) hour prior to performance
  • All acts must be ready to perform at least three (3) numbers prior to their own
  • There will be no disqualification due to a number being placed in the wrong category. Bella Donna Productions, after consulting with the studio, reserves the right to place the number in its proper category and will be judged on the points system
  • Pictures may be taken during a performance
  • Bella Donna Productions "That's Dancin'"TM cannot be held responsible or liable for any accidents or injuries that occur that day
  • Bella Donna Productions appreciates your support in this competition. We hope, in the spirit of good sportsmanship, that you render applause and appreciation for all contestants, regardless of what studio they represent.


Studio owners please call us at (562) 861-9227 for prices for solos-duets-trios-groups